Discover What Is Argan Oil? Where Does It Come From?


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What is Argan oil?

Argan oil, or as local Moroccans would like to refer to as Argania spinosa kernel oil. is extracted from the nuts of the trees that grow in the southwest region in Morocco, it is 100% percent organic and often described by professional beauticians as “ Liquid Gold ” because of its restorative healing and natural hydrating ability, it’s also one of the rarest oils in the world due to its small local supply and the limited growing area.


Berber women have to use manual labor in order to crack the nut and obtain the argan kernels, which contains the oil. The process is too time-consuming, that’s why argan oils are expensive and rare. It is considered as one of the most in-demand cosmetic product in the world. it is used by some celebrities for beautifying their hair and skin since it is so health-giving. It contains vitamin E, vitamin A, and antioxidants.

Throughout the years, people have been reveling on the health and financial benefits of this wonderful tree, leading to massive harvesting and ultimately a gradual decrease in its number. To prevent the event from happening again, UNESCO gave it a status of Biosphere Reserve in order to preserve this rare tree and also to recognize its importance ecologically.

Argan Oil cures a lot of ailments like joint pains, acne, and dry skin. That’s why Its uses extend to cosmetics, cooking, and medicine. You are lucky if you find a 100% pure of this precious commodity.

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History of Argan oil?

Argan oil must be existing as old as time and quite surprising it survives until today, despite its high demand and little supply. It was said that the tree came from the village of Agana.

This tree was vast in the southwestern region of Morocco. Even before, Argan oil has always been rare and expensive. Phoenicians are said to have used the oil as early as 1550 B.C. and has reached Europe, where only the rich can afford the oil.

Throughout its rich and legendary history, Argan oil has also fascinated a couple of scientists and researchers that studied this oil ever since. The oil was used by Moroccan to treat ailments and in cooking their food before. Considering that the sources of this oil before are goat wastes, it might a little weird why they would mix it in their food. There must be some major cleaning or sterilizing technique they’ve used before.

What is Argan oil made from?

As stated earlier, Argan oil is made from the fruit of an Argan Tree that is quite exclusive only in Morocco. The process, however, is very tedious and time-consuming that it would lead to less supply to the already small number of trees available. Thus, increase in the price because of its very high demand.

The procedure starts with women gathering the fallen fruits from the Argan tree or from nuts that goats will spit out. This sounds gross and is contradictory to whole, healthy Argan oil. But wait, the kernels are actually covered by a very hard shell, which makes it impossible for the goat’s saliva to contaminate the kernel.

After gathering the fruits, it would wash thoroughly in order to ensure cleanliness. The fruits are then allowed to dry in the sun in order to remove the pulp.

The next step is the one that would be both time-consuming and labor extensive. As advanced technology has yet to solve this problem, women would manually extract the oil from the kernel using some traditional tools and human labor. After this stage, the extracted oil would be filtered in order to produce a purer Argan oil.

Where does it come from

You might probably wonder where does this natural beautifying argan oil come from. If you do, the following paragraphs will be definitely helpful.

Basically, argan oil was extracted from the fruit of argan tree, this tree is considered to be unique and natively found in the geographical location in Africa, Morocco. The country of Morocco is a defined zone, which holds the land that grows argan type of tree. Women of this country, are in love with traditional methods and yes, this oil in Morocco was made by Moroccan women through traditional extracting methods. They have carefully preserved the traditional argan oil formula and continues to practice and innovate its different beneficial nature and amazing features through passing them from one generation to the next.

Wondering what the argan fruit may look like? Are you familiar with the word conventional? This is how you’re going to learn on conceptualizing an argan fruit, by comparing it to a similar fruit you are already acquainted. Quite surely you are familiar with avocado, well they are similarly structured with argan fruits.

When you cut the avocado into two halves, the part that you eat is what they define as the semi-solid fat that is rich in vitamin E, carotenoids, and phytosterols that help in illuminating your skin, and the avocado’s seed illustrates the palm kernel oil found in argan fruits, it contains acidic substances. Basically, it’s a tiny fruit, roundly oval shaped with two edges that are partially pointy but not perfectly a conical edge. Once you crack the argan fruit, it results in argan oil discovery.

Argan fruits are hard like wall nuts- it is hardly covered with shells which make it hard to crack. In a clearer sense, the key production of argan oil is through the process of extraction or by putting them under the heat of the sun. That’s where argan oil came from- argan fruits from argan trees of Morocco.

What does it do

The famously called argan oil is considered a liquid gold by many. It exercises many features, its multiple number of advantages are way out of the league.

Imagine having a beauty given by earth itself. Its extending beneficial huge contributing factors say it all. Argan oil is capable of doing a miracle on your body. Imagine a delicate and smooth skin, a silky and shiny hair, and a radiant illuminating youthful face. Wouldn’t that be your gold? That’s why argan oil is considered a gold in a bottle. Here are the three big pluses, argan oil can offer you:

1. Argan oil for your hair:


The oil is extremely rich and abundant in beneficial nutrients that makes your hair glow. Showing it naturally shiny, silky, less split ends, and attractive. It leaves your hair naturally conditioned and repairs those unwanted split ends which deliberately makes your hair easy to manage and style. It is an outstanding oil that prolongs the brightness of hair, leading out a hair that yields longer and stands out.

The aforementioned oil has palmitic acid, carotenoids, phytosterols, and vitamin E, which flourishes nutrients to the hair. It has been used for many years on treating and beautifying hair strands.

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2. Argan oil for your face


A dream of possessing a radiant and illuminating youthful face, is naturally made achievable with argan oil. It does not take entry on youthful face alone, but, also heals rashes, slight scars, stretch marks, bites, and fight against skin infection. Wow! All that in one bottle, a qualified 24-K gold you got there with argan oil.

It’s a plus that allows your face to be moisturized for longer hours, which helps to build a more radiant and lively face. It ignites vitamin E that aids to hasten cell production while improving and promoting a healthy glowing face. It does not feel oily at all since it drives and adapts to skin quickly and boosts up your confidence to the highest peak it can reach!

3. Argan oil for your skin


Argan oil’s duty on your face can also be its responsibility on your whole body. Take time, pleasure and don’t hesitate to apply argan oil all over your body.

It leaves your skin smooth, sensual, and natural. The oil is hundred and one percent free from chemicals, which make it the safest moisturizer choice to use. In return, argan oil demonstrates amazing results!


Where can I buy?

Argan oil is a rare and expensive commodity, that’s why you would probably find it hard to buy a pure one. It is advisable to buy directly on the co-operatives who supplies the oil. Any resellers would either be sky-high in price or low priced but also fake. Look at the ingredient information, if you ever decide to buy a non-pure one, and see if the product contains reasonable argan oil content, in relation to its price.

Argan oil is absolutely top rated! It allows every surface on your body to reach its healthy looking! It doesn’t stop on the big tertiary pluses that relative on your hair, face, and skin alone. It also does amazing things on your nails and lips. It is so abundant that it excites not only you but your skin- just by imagining what it can do to you. A huge discern plus is that the argan oil contains vitamin K, which helps in cell functioning and strengthening the bones. It’s amazing, it’s equivalent to a whole healthier you. It brings out the natural miracles only mother earth can solely give, an official beauty granted by earth’s grace!

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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