Argan Oil For Anti-aging: Benefits And How To Use it


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The one thing that you will not like when looking at the mirror is the fact that you’ve just acquired wrinkles on your face, neck, or anywhere on your body. It is a part of everybody’s life that is a tough pill to swallow for some. You will normally wish that you will look young forever.

But, that is just what it is – a wish. It is not plausible to happen, not at least in the real world.

However, you can certainly delay the process of aging by using the natural power of Argan oil. This oil had made headlines in the beauty industry for a number of good reasons. It will definitely do something about that annoying wrinkles on your face. Tested by time itself, this oil was used since ancient times.

Argan oil might be your best shot at combating aging. So, take it now and you will never regret its incredible results.

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Why do you age?


You actually have no one to blame other than time itself. Leaves bloom and leaves will fall. It’s just part of the vital processes of Mother Nature. Even the sun, the primary source of energy here on earth, has to go and disappear on about 5.4 billion years from now. Yes, that is still a long long time from now and will definitely won’t happen in our lifetime, thank you. But, this is just to show to us that no one will stay forever here in our physical world. All living things are temporary.

Unstable molecules called free radicals are flying around in the air we breathe. They are also produced by our body internally. It is practically everywhere and we can’t avoid them in sum. What we could do, however, is to limit our exposure to them.

Free radicals are an unstable group of atoms that have unpaired electrons. In order to become stable, they will try to acquire electrons from other molecules in your body. Once successful in gaining electrons from another molecule, free radicals will turn into a more stable molecule. This process, however, leaves the electron giving molecules unstable, and will now try to acquire electrons from another molecule in your body.

This tug of war fight over electrons will result in a chain of reactions that is never good in your body tissues.

What makes you look old?


Well, what makes you look old anyway? What will distinguish old people from young people based on looks?

Wrinkles: It will commonly appear as we get older. No one wants a wrinkle on their skin. That’s why cosmetics products are popular because of their claims in removing it from your skin. As time goes by, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic, which gives way to wrinkles.

Gray hair: Every time you see old people, the first thing that you might notice is the white hair on their head. This may be the reason why society often associates aging with white hairs. Like, if you need an old man character in your school plays, all you need to do is let your schoolmate wear a white wig and everything is set.

The hair is actually white to begin with. The color you see in your hair, whether it’s black, blonde, brown or any, are actually pigments of melanin. As you advance in age, the production of melanin becomes slower. Giving your hair it's white color.

Bad postureYour backbone will gradually lose its strength and mass as you age. A weak backbone will result to bad posture like stopping or curving of the back.

Sagging chin and neck: A sagging skin is quite an unpleasant sight. It exudes weakness or frailty, which means that a person is already advanced in age.

Your muscle gets weaker and your body loses collagen as you get older. Therefore, resulting in sagging of the skin in the chin and neck.

Argan oil for neck wrinkles


Necks are prone to wrinkles because of their thin skin. Sagging neck might be a result of sudden weight loss too. It is certainly a treat on your overall look. There are exercises that you can perform to tighten the skin around your neck. You can also use Argan oil to improve its elasticity.

Argan oil will tighten your skin and might restore it to its former form. Apply it on your neck regularly. Rub the oil before you go to bed so that it will have the whole night to perform its wonders on your skin.

Argan oil contains triterpenoids, which will pump life into your skin. This oil will certainly make your skin look younger. Wrinkles will be fixed in a natural and healthy way without the use of chemicals.

Antioxidants are bountiful in this oil. A welcome addition to preventing wrinkles from appearing in the future. It will just keep you pleased throughout by giving you fantastic results.

Why use Argan oil for anti-aging (benefits)?

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Since Argan oil has exceptional healing and restoring abilities, it is literally a no-brainer to use it as an anti-aging agent. It will help you save money from buying those expensive chemical cosmetics that seem to produce murky results. 

Argan oil is useful in fighting against aging because of the following:

  • It will moisturize a dry skin

You will be more prone to dry skin as you advance in age. This is because of the increased transepidermal water loss. Your skin will gradually lose the ability to hold water on its outer layer. Argan oil contains vitamin E that helps prevent water from evaporating the outer layer of your skin. By this process, your skin will hold more water and will appear healthier and plumper.

  • It will increase the elasticity of your skin

The main reason why wrinkles appear on your skin is because it loses its elasticity. Argan oil has tightening and rejuvenating effects which will be useful when your skin is becoming thinner. It will help in the production of collagen that older people might be lacking. Argan oil contains phytosterols that will help in producing the much-needed collagen.

  • It will protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays

Argan oil will provide protection from the sun’s UV rays that cause premature aging. The sun is actually one of the main factors to blame if you have wrinkles on your face. It has certain damaging effects, which increases as a person aged.

  • It will protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays

Frequent exposures to chemicals will harm your skin in a long run and will actually make the skin appear older and unhealthy. Argan oil has a good amount of nutrients that will restore it to its former look and health.

How to use it for anti-aging?

Using Argan oil on your skin is very practical. It is very easy and comfortable to use. You will never have to worry about premature aging ever again. A simple tap and leave it for the night will do the trick.

Of course, if you are already 70 years old and above, Argan oil might won’t be much of a help. It is normal to look old, though, if you are indeed old. There is nothing to be ashamed of, what Argan would do is to simply slow down the aging process – and will do a great job for that matter.

If you don’t want wrinkles or in need of getting rid of your already acquired wrinkles, follow the method below. It is pretty straightforward.

1. Clean your face first and remove dirt and other substances so that it will be easier for the oil to absorb.

2. Put a drop or two of Argan oil on your palm (a little goes a long way).

3. Massage it across your face in a circular motion until it is fully absorbed.

4. Leave it overnight and wake up in the morning stoked at the fantastic improvements it has done.

5. Perform the process until you see some noticeable results.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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Follow these advice to delay skin aging.

  • Avoid processed foods and unhealthy habits.
  • Abstain from staying in polluted areas for an extended period of time.
  • Avoid staying under the sun for no sufficient reasons. UV rays from the sun will certainly harm your skin and might cause premature aging.
  • Stop smoking like a chimney. Not only that it will accelerate the aging process, but it will also accelerate lung related diseases.

We all know that we can slow down aging by observing good health habits. Just take care of yourself and everything else should fall in line. You have your own health at your hands.

True, we have to bite the dust someday. But, no one wants that to happen right now. Everyone wants to enjoy life and be with their loved ones in as much time as possible. So, have fun with your life right now because we only have one shot. Have Argan oil at your side and be thankful for your everyday experiences. It will fiercely fight premature aging until it wins.

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