How To Use Argan Oil For Hair?


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With commercial hair products being dominant nowadays. People must be trying to wrap their heads around the reason why unpleasant and damaged hair problems are still rampant. Hair product advertisements are full of exaggeration and hyperbole, most of the time, making the community believe that their product is highly effective. But the truth is, most of them are rarely helpful when it comes to repairing your hair.

Some are bombarded with harmful chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Polyethylene Glycol, which cause damage when absorbed into your skin. They circulate inside your body, causing problems on your internal organs. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate leaves residues in the heart, liver, lungs, and brain. This process may also cause cancer in the long run. Scary, right?

Well, if you’re worried (and you should be), then it’s time for you to switch to a natural alternative. Enter Argan oil, your one and only beautifying product that is both sure and safe to use. Glamorize your hair without causing those alarming effects brought by commercial hair products.

After you read through this article. You will recognize how valuable Argan oil is, and that how this product is what all you need. Not only that, it will guarantee you a worthwhile result, but that it will also save you from those harmful commercial hair products.

Using Argan Oil as a shampoo


You certainly have no idea how some chemicals in your shampoo affects your health. Frequent use of this synthetic hair products will slowly degrade your body’s condition over the long run. The sad thing is, even babies and toddlers are using these commodities. They are everywhere, from your body lotions to your everyday shampoos.

However, the good news is, you can now substitute these synthetic shampoos with the goodness of Argan oil. Argan oil as a shampoo provides your hair with its much-needed nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids. Which, when applied to your hair, can give it a natural shine and glow. This oil will also salvage the damages left by chemical shampoos.

Look for Argan oil shampoos on your trusted cosmetic stores. This shampoo is free from harmful chemicals, unlike those synthetic shampoos. It will surely grant its promise of having a beautiful hair without affecting your health. Apply it on your hair when taking a bath. Leave it for a while before washing it away with water.

Argan oil shampoo leaves your hair moisturize all day, giving it fragrance at the same time. Use it every day and you will see results almost immediately after application. The beautifying effect of Argan oil comes naturally due to its rich nutrient content. That’s why it will last longer even if you stop using it as a shampoo.

As treatment for a dry scalp


Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. Although it is not a threat to your overall well-being, it’s a sign of bad hair health and to some extent, a sign of poor hygiene. Allergy from certain haircare products may also result to a dry scalp. Especially, frequent salons and synthetic cosmetic applications. Dry scalp is also popular during winter. It is usually followed by dandruff, which are dead skins detached from your scalp.

Frequent scratching of your head due to dandruff can be embarrassing in public. It lowers your confidence whenever you realize that you have a poorer hygiene than other people. It affects your self-image, making you feel inferior. So, if you are tired of feeling this way, then you must be starting to think of a solution for this predicament.

There are actually a lot of natural remedies available around the internet for this condition, which is easy to follow. But, if you already own a bottle of Argan oil. Then, you don’t need to look further for other remedies.

Argan oil will easily solve dandruff and dry scalp problem. Just apply drops of this oil, directly into your scalp. Massage it gently, so that the oil will absorb into the pores of your scalp. Do this frequently, and you have not only solved the dry scalp and dandruff problem but, you also made your scalp moisturized and healthy.

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Using Argan Oil as Moisturizer


Argan oil has always been known to moisturize even the driest of hairs. It contains almost all the nutrients in the world required to make the hair healthy and strong. If you ever went looking for an excellent hair moisturizer product, then just put Argan oil on your number 1 list. All other synthetic commercial hair products should be set aside in the corner. Whatever they claim that they are the most effective hair product available in the market, you will be just better off ignoring them altogether.

The truth is, artificial chemicals are rarely effective in making your hair beautiful. If ever they’ll manage to produce a viable result, it will only be temporary. The aftermath would be a damaged and ruined hair.

Argan oil, on the other hand, is a simple and effective natural product that is free from harmful ingredients. Fix and beautifies your hair with zero retraction

Just put a modest amount of Argan oil on your palm, then spread it evenly across your hair. It will act as a natural conditioner and a moisturizer all at the same time. Easily avoid a frizzy and dry hair. You can also wrap your hair in a towel when used before sleeping. It will keep the oil from contaminating with your pillow. No more insecurities when going outside your house by wearing a glowing and healthy hair.

Using Argan oil as conditioner

As said earlier, Argan oil can prevent dry scalp and dandruff by moisturizing your skin. It contains a lot of nutrients, which when applied on your hair for an extended period of time, will produce a much better result. The oil is most commonly used as a leave-on conditioner, and for a good reason.

It is not greasy, therefore, a lot more comfortable to use when compared to synthetic chemical conditioners. On top of that, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, making you worry-free while using it. So many benefits and uses packed into a bottle of Argan oil.

The oil is more effective when used after taking a bath. Apply a few drops on your damp hair and comb or spread thoroughly. Wipe any excess oils with a towel, and you’re ready to go. It protects your hair from the destructive heat of the sun by coating it with oil.

Additionally, it is even more effective than those synthetic conditioners when it comes to protecting your hair from the sun because of its abundant vitamin E content. Use it whenever you would decide to go to the beach, especially during summer seasons. It will help you avoid sunburns, dry hair, and hair split ends.

5. Using Argan oil as hair mask


Your hair can tell almost everything that has ever been inside your body. It will tell you, what are the chemicals that went inside your bloodstream are. From drugs to all the food you eat every day. That’s why the hair has been a valuable asset in crime investigations since it contains the most crucial information about the suspect.

Well, that was just a little info about your hair, in order to give you a little hint on how important your hair is. The hair actually appears as what it is, based on what is inside your body. Therefore, it is imperative to beautify your hair, not from the outside, but from the inside of your body and skin.

Argan oil used as a hair mask will easily provide your hair with its much-needed nutrients right from the inside of your skin. Apply it directly on you scalp then massage it for a while.

Let it be absorbed into your skin so that its nutrients will start beautifying your hair from the inside. Leave it for the entire night for maximum absorption. Then finally, expect waking up in the morning, surprised by how good your hair has become.

Using Argan oil for hair styling

For those of you who are constantly following the latest tricks and trends. You’ll be desperate in styling your hair according to the newest fashion. But, the thing is, these trends are frequently changing for like twice a month.

So, in order for you to stay updated, you will be more inclined on shifting your hair’s style repeatedly. The repercussion of this kind of behavior, however, may result in exposing your hair to harmful chemicals. This chemical will do no good for your hair’s health. It will cause damage in the long run.

Nevertheless, if you still want to proceed on styling your hair according to the latest. Then consider changing your styling product. Swap with this alternative natural product called Argan oil.

Put a small drop of Argan oil on your hands, then apply it on your hair, especially on the split ends. Repeat as needed and then enjoy your straight and well-aligned hair ready for combing. Never worry about getting left out by your friends without causing damage to your hair’s health.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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