Argan Oil During Pregnancy (Must Read if You’re Pregnant)


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If you’ve just landed on this page, chances are, you are already pregnant, or you’re just planning to become pregnant someday. It might have also come to your knowledge that pregnancy is a process where your physical appearance might be at stake. It is a circus of ups and downs where you will experience a stressful life.

However, the thing is, pregnancy is not that bad at all. It is a rewarding episode in life that women should be happy about. Having stretch marks or belly marks should not be a hindrance for you to become pregnant and raise a family. This family will be your companion in your entire lifetime, in good times or in bad times.

On top of that, belly marks should be the least problem you should be worried about in the first place. That is because a natural product called Argan oil is coming your way. You might already hear about how good this oil is when it comes to stretch marks. Well, what you’ve heard is right. It will ward off and heal the marks with absolute effectiveness and that is with an assurance that it will do no harm to you or to your baby.

Argan oil is popular for hair and skin. Treating stretch marks is just one of the plethora of benefits and uses this oil has to offer .Below are the facts that you should be familiar about if you are currently pregnant or is planning to be one in the near future.

Is Argan oil safe during pregnancy


Pregnancy fulfills the essence of every woman in the world. If you’re pregnant, you tend to balance everything you take and apply on your body. Your nine-month journey with your unborn baby is going to be rigid, but perfectly worth it.

You are vowed to protect not only your life but for the baby’s as well. During pregnancy, hormonal changes will affect almost every organ of your system, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which occasionally makes you feel like you have a dry skin. When the skin is dry, as your belly, breasts, legs, and hip try to expand it results to stretch marks.

One of the feared occurrence during and after pregnancy stage of almost all moms around the world which sometimes they come asking, “How do I prevent it?”

Most moms studies and must have heard about all creams, oils, and home remedies to reduce stretch marks appearance. Though some of the aforementioned marks fade away after pregnancy and turns to be fading lines in the expanded areas. Most don't fade away that easy.

Finding a safe and effective stretch mark appearance remover makes loud issues for pregnant moms, if you have heard about Argan oil then you must have this on your list.

Dry skins need hydrolysates, vitamin E, menthol, and elastin to reduce stretch marks according to conducted researches.

As you know Argan oil has this essential vitamin E and fatty acids effective for reducing stretch marks appearances. This is known for being an amazing safe oil for pregnant women to use.


Argan oil is completely organic and is made with no chemicals added which makes it a perfect candidate for a “reducing stretch marks” duty. It’s an option every mom will not regret since it can fight even the deepest marks made out from stretching. Guaranteed to have no harmful ingredients added. Splendid to help every mom’s stretch problem.

What is in Argan oil that makes it so good?

It contains nutrients that are essential for you during pregnancy.

  • Vitamin E- first and foremost, this is one of the main reasons to use Argan oil. This oil is in abundance with a bottle of Argan oil. It fights free radicals and promotes a faster healing rate in your skin.
  • Oleic & Linoleic Acids- these are anti-inflammatory acids that will be important during pregnancy because it improves the healing of wounds and scratches.
  • Polyphenols – it has free radicals fighting properties and anti- inflammatory ability that will come in handy during pregnancy. It will further protect your skin from UV rays and sun damage.
  • Fatty acids- it contains important fatty acids that will help make your skin more elastic, thereby preventing stretch marks.
  • Squalene- it is an anti-aging antioxidant that will help reduce wrinkles and the likes. It also has an antibacterial ability that will be put to good use if you have skin conditions like dry skin and acne.
  • Ferulic Acid- it is a rare antioxidant that will also make you look younger. These antioxidants will also promote healing and reparation of damaged tissues.

With those being said, Argan oil is definitely a useful natural product that its benefits extend beyond preventing and treating stretch marks.

Let’s tackle again if Argan oil is a go when you are pregnant. Read through the following topic and enrich yourself.

Can I use Argan oil during pregnancy?

The answer is absolutely what you think and how Argan oil wants to help you out to wash off all your worries. The answer is a concrete- Yes! It is totally made safe, effective, and easy to use. At his point, your skin deliberately needs an oil which is organic and chemical-free made. Argan Oil is absolutely a solution to cater your needs.

It keeps your skin moisturized reducing the occurrence of belly marks. It glows your dry facial skin and washes off blemishes and acne leaving your skin- not greasy at all. You’ll absolutely feel that your skin has turned light, smooth, and clean.

Aside from stretch marks problems, you may also find your frequent hair fall a problem too. If you need a conditioner, Argan oil can certainly help you out restoring your scalp’s health and producing a stronger and healthier hair growth over time.

It’s an oil that has it all actually. It is applicable in many uses and proven to be effective and efficient.

At the state of pregnancy, moms want nothing but the very best for their baby. Argan oil is perfectly suitable to answer mom’s needs. Totally worth a try so to speak.

Take a few drops and with a gentle touch, rub it on your belly and other areas with belly marks regularly, allowing your baby to easily grow and take his/her precious development. Use it twice a daily.

Argan Oil for belly marks


You must have constantly heard about the golden oil’s miracle all around use. It’s certainly real and true to its service, guaranteed by its users. But how does it cure and reduce your stretch marks, let’s find out?

First off to say, Argan Oil as you learned to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants that fasten belly marks disappearance. It helps and restores the skin’s natural health by maintaining structural proteins like elastin and collagen, essential for maintaining a glowing skin. The presence of high tocopherols preserves your skin from the reactivity of free radicals. It protects your skin from oxidation, creating a tight skin compact, which defines a belly free from stretch marks.

You do not have to gather different bottles to cater each of your needs. Feel easy and perfect with a single bottle containing the pure Argan oil.

How to Apply it during pregnancy?

Using it is actually a lot easier than those artificial beauty products you have. A simple tap and spread performed twice a day are good enough to work wonders on your skin. No additional requirement that adds burden to an already hassle pregnancy situation. Clean up the clutter on your beauty kit and put Argan oil instead.

Apply Argan oil on stretch marks prone areas like on the belly. This part will undergo a good amount of stretching during the entire pregnancy period. Make sure that you apply the oil even before the belly marks appears. It is always smart to prevent them from developing than taking care of them later.

Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of thinking that stretch marks will only appear on the belly and on the belly alone. Doing this might leave you shocked right at the end. These annoying stretch marks are quite sneaky, and they will also pop up in areas like the legs, hips, and breasts. It is paramount to give attention to these parts. Rub a good amount of Argan oil in these areas and stretch marks will cease to appear.

So stop beating yourself up, if you have already acquired belly marks. Argan oil will solve this problem for you. That is without exposing you to harmful chemicals, especially during pregnancy. This oil is natural and is what you will ever need.

To top it all, at this moment you need nothing but to feel ease and serene. With no doubt, you absolutely deserve to have Argan oil right at your fingertips to help you out on this journey.

Feel less worry on maintaining your skin’s natural appearance, it’s totally made easy with the golden oil. A definite support for your healthy pregnancy days.

Make the most memory out of this genuine experience, have an Argan oil bottle with you.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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What is your favorite way to use argan oil? Have you tried it and noticed a difference? Please share with us below!

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