Argan Oil For Your Nails: Benefits and How to Use it


argan oil for nails

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Your nails and cuticles will always tell a thing or two about your overall health and cleaning habits. It is like a window to the insides of your body. A not so pleasant looking nails obviously mean that something else is going on in your body. It is important to determine the tale-tale signs that your nails might be trying to tell you in order for you to take appropriate actions to fix them.

Argan oil offers a lot of health benefits to your nails and cuticles. It will make your nails and cuticles moisturized and strong. If you have nails that don't look presentable, Argan oil will make them glow and shine. The process will be done in a natural and promising way too. You don’t have to worry about exposing your nails or displaying it out in the open any longer.

There are a number of external factors that may affect the appearance of your nails. With Argan oil at your disposal, you can just ward them off away. This oil can also be used on your hair and skin. It will heal stretch marks, which you might acquire from pregnancy. It is truly a one and all natural product for your beauty needs.

This article will tell you how and when to apply Argan oil on your nails and cuticles. If applied on a regular basis, this oil can easily replace your nail product that doesn’t seem to do anything helpful. It’s time for you to toss those chemical cosmetics out and let this natural product take up the reins.

What can damage your nails?


These are the things that you can blame your damaged nails on:

    •  You are frequently cutting your cuticles

    The cuticles act as a shield of sorts from foreign materials that might enter your skin. Your nails are exposed to different kinds of bacteria whenever you use your fingers to touch or pick up something. Removing the cuticles from your fingers or from your toes will make it easier for bacteria and dirt to penetrate your skin.

    •  You lack iron in your blood

    If you are suffering from anemia, then your nails might appear pale and brittle. Iron helps make hemoglobin, which will deliver oxygen into your nails. Add some iron rich foods in your daily diet to make up for the deficiency. Eat dark leafy vegetables, legumes, and red meat.

    •  You may be overusing your fingers and toes.

    Constant pressure put on your finger and toes, be it by extensive walking for long distances or aggressive typing on your keyboard, can cause your nails to break and appear deformed. Avoid stressing your fingers and toes out and give them a rest for an hour or two before jumping back to the ruckus.

    •  Nail polish on your nails is overstaying its welcome

    You shouldn’t be letting these nail polishes cling to your nails on an extended period of time. It will dry up your nails before you even know it (because they are covered by the nail polish). Besides, why would you like to cover up your beautiful and healthy nails?

    •  Your polish remover might have something to do with it

    Acetone will leave your nails dry and brittle just like nail polish would do. It might even cause more damage than nail polish itself. That is because acetone is supposed to be a paint stripper. Take a break from using acetone and nail polishes to retain your healthy and vibrant nails.

    What your nails might say about your health?


    If you want a glimpse of your overall health, then you can start by looking down at your nails. How do your nails look?

    •  You can see some white spots

    If you have hit your nail against a hard surface like a wall or a brick, then you should not be wondering. White spots are caused by trauma and they would normally go away on their own, so you have nothing to worry about.

    • You can see some vertical ridges

    It is a sign of aging and is considered normal. It will become more apparent as you get older just like your wrinkles. It may also be a sign of vitamin B12 and magnesium deficiency.

    • Your nails became pale and form a spoon-like curve

    Having nails in this condition means that you have an iron deficiency in your blood. It is advisable to visit a doctor if you observe this event on your nails. It may also be a sign of heart disease or hypothyroidism. You may be advised to take iron supplements to clear up this condition.

    • You can see some dark spots on it

    This requires immediate attention as this dark spot signifies that you may be suffering from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

    • Your nails look yellow

    It is either due to your advanced age or can be a result of acrylic nails or nail polish. Smoking might also cause your nails to appear yellowish.

    How can damaged nails affect your look?


    Imagine a woman entering a party with a beautiful face and elegant gown. you would be quickly in awe right? Then the women stand near to you and as you look down observing her elegant gown you landed your eyes on her ugly nails. Wouldn’t you be baffled?

    Of course, you will be. It is an almost perfect look, but with just a little quibble. Now, you wouldn’t want to be looked at like that, that’s why you will always try to look as perfect as possible. It’s just the basic human nature.

    Benefits of Argan oil on your nails?


    These are the reasons why you should use Argan oil on your nails and cuticles. If you use to believe that Argan oil’s perks are only limited to your hair and skin, then you’re sure in for a surprise.

    •  It will strengthen your nails

    The nails in your fingers and toes might seem worthless other than used as an area to decorate your nail polish with so that you will look fashionable. However, what we don’t seem to realize is the vital role it plays on our daily task like supporting our fingers when we pick something up or when we have to scratch an itchy area on our skin. All these activities wouldn’t work well without the support of our nails.

    •  It will moisturize your nails and cuticles

    Bathing your nails with Argan oil will easily glow a dry and flaky nails. This oil contains vitamin E, which will restore your nails to its former health. It also has antifungal properties that will remove unwanted microorganisms from your nails.

    •  It will heal a damaged nail and cuticle

    Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, a vital healing nutrient, which will heal damaged cells on your nails and cuticles. It will allow the growth of new healthy cells replacing the old one, leaving your nails fantastic to look at.

    •  It will save your nails from nail polishes and polish removers

    Nail polishes will leave your nails dry and brittle. Even removing it from your nails proved to be nocuous too. Acetone will drain your nails on every use. It will cause more damage than nail polishes. Argan oil can revive your nail’s parchedness by infusing it with essential nutrients.

    How to use Argan oil on your nails?

    Applying Argan oil on your nails should be one of your habits along with nail polishing. If ever for some reasons, the need to paint up your nails comes along, always make it to a point that Argan oil is the next one you’ll apply. That is to cancel out the bad effects of nail polishes and polish removers.

    Follow these instructions and give your nails a wonderful treatment.

    1. Wipe your nails from dirt and dust to prepare it for the treatment.

    2. Squeeze a lemon into a bowl or any clean container.

    3. Pour Argan oil into the container with the lemon juice you’ve just squeezed.

    4. Mix the two together thoroughly.

    5. Dip your nails from both hands and toes for 15 minutes.

    6. Wash your nails with clean water afterward.

    The above method shows you how to use Argan oil on your nails and cuticles. It is useful if you’ve just damaged your nails from the recent application of nail polish and polish removers. The oil will moisturize your nails and the skin around it so you don’t have to nag about your dry and brittle nail anymore.

    You might also want to apply the oil before you will go to the bed. Massage it around your fingers and toes, then leave it there overnight.

    Argan oil does provide a lot of health benefits to your nails and cuticles. It is good that you have an idea on how to use it on your nails and cuticles so that you may enjoy the wonders that it can do. Apply it on a regular basis and you will be happy to see the results afterward.

    UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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    How long have you’ve been applying nail polish and polish removers like acetone to your nails? If your answer is, “it’s been a while,” then you should be looking for Argan oil right now at your trusted cosmetics stores.

    What is your favorite way to use argan oil? Have you tried it and noticed a difference? Please share with us below!

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