Argan Oil Vs Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin [The Great Debate]

Argan Oi- vs-Coconut-Oil-for-Hair-and-skin

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This argument has been fired up recently due to people finally realizing the awful effects of chemical commodities on their hair and skin. The switching process has slowly begun. You will most likely see a natural ingredient mixed in beauty products nowadays instead of synthetic ones.

That alone is a healthy sign of how the public right now, prefer to go back to the primitive ways of beautifying their hair and skin. Clearly, advancement in technology may have been working against humankind’s health and betterment to some extent.

Regardless of this impending switch, debates still exist. Now, it is between these two natural beautifying product used by people ever since the old times, namely, Argan oil and coconut oil. In which, both have also consistently proved its other’s usefulness in beautifying the hair and skin of their users.

To put it in perspective, Argan oil and coconut oil definitely have their own distinctive characteristics that may determine their usability in a specific situation. And to start off, Argan oil is obviously a league more expensive than coconut oil is. In terms of availability or supply, coconut oil is again on the upper hand against Argan oil. Coconut oil can be made by anyone right away as they feel like to while the same cannot be said about Argan oil. You can grow coconut trees in tropical countries like Vietnam and Philippines. On the other hand, Argan trees are exclusive only to a specific region of Morocco.

Perhaps, as you are reading right now. You must be quick on choosing Coconut oil instead of Argan oil for your everyday beautifying undertakings. Still, before you finalize your decision on choosing coconut oil, take some time to read and comb through the facts stated below. There are a number of reasons why Argan oil is persistently popular.

Argan Oil for hair


Applying Argan oil on your hair is easy and worry free. It absorbs readily and leaves your hair smooth and shiny without those greasy feeling. It contains antioxidants and fatty acids which will surely repair your damaged hair. Vitamin E is copious in this oil that also make it a viable candidate for cell regeneration and an increase in hair growth.

Argan oil will pump life in an otherwise dry hair. It rejuvenates the hair both from the outside and from the inside. This oil will fight free radicals and protects your hair from harmful elements like UV rays and pollution particles.


As a leave-on conditioner, Argan oil is definitely your oil of choice. It can be applied before bedtime and nourishes your hair without the slimy effect, most oils give. Apply small drops on your hair and those small drops will go a long way in beautifying your hair.

Although, Argan oil is way more expensive than coconut oil. Its diverse uses more than makeup for it. You can actually use the oil on almost every part of your body. From your head up to your toes. Argan oil will easily nourish you with its well-balanced nutrients. It is an instant solution to your beauty needs. If you need a least greasy oil, then this oil will come at your service.

Coconut Oil for hair

On the other side of the argument, comes coconut oil. An oil that is also receiving similar buzz with Argan oil. Its uses are in synch with Argan oil, which is a natural hair and skin beautifying product. This oil has also been used by people ever since the old times, making it a well-tested natural product.

One of the main leg-up of coconut oil against Argan oil is its availability and supply. You can find a healthy amount of coconut fruits almost everywhere. There are also homemade instructions available around the internet, on how to make coconut oil from a coconut fruit. These instructions are easy to follow and should produce you a bottle of coconut oil in a short amount of time.


In terms of benefits to your hair, coconut oil is not something to overlook. This oil is a good conditioner on your hair. It contains lauric acid, which can penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut oil also prevents too much protein loss.

This great oil will also solve your dandruff issues in almost the same manner as Argan oil. It contains nutrients that have strong antimicrobial and antifungal abilities. It could remove most of the bacteria residing on your scalp, making it clean and healthy.

The only complaint you will probably hear in using coconut oil might be its heavy and greasy characteristics. This oil is pretty hard to wash out and might give you a constant feeling of greasiness. But if you are willing to cope up with it, then you will have no problem at all.

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Argan Oil for skin

Argan oil specializes in beautifying your skin above anything else. It will be easily absorbed into your skin without leaving oil residues. Therefore, a lot more comfortable when compared with coconut oil. Argan oil can treat skin diseases like excessively dry skin and acne. It contains miraculous healing nutrients that will surely repair your skin’s damages. It has higher linoleic acid than coconut oil too.

This oil is excellent on the skin due to its almost 80% fatty acids content and abundant vitamin E present. This trait makes it a valuable cosmetic asset and a strong anti-aging natural product. Rest assured, Argan oil is your ticket to a younger you.

However, Argan oil is not advisable for people with extremely oily skin or face. Applying a big amount of Argan oil on an oily face may cause breakouts and blackheads. You can still apply the oil on your lips, though, which is not an oily part of your face.

Argan oil’s edge against coconut oil definitely relies on its higher amount of antioxidants and faster skin absorption attribute. It can be used night and day and even before going to bed while coconut oil might be quite uncomfortable for you if used the same way. Argan oil can be used on a daily basis while the same cannot be said for coconut oil (because of its greasiness).

Coconut Oil for skin


This oil is famous on most part of the world when it comes to nourishing your skin with essential nutrients. It contains fatty acids like lauric acid, which has good antimicrobial properties. That’s why it can be a good remedy for open wounds that are prone to infection.

Coconut oil also contains vitamin E, although to a lesser extent than Argan oil. This vitamin is a powerful healing and anti-aging agent. Protein in this oil is in abundance, it strengthens your skin and makes it healthy. Stretch marks may also be under your control just by applying coconut oil on the area.

It can actually replace your chemical cosmetics products. It has no retroactive effects on your health besides maybe if you have a terrible allergy to oils. It will soften your hardened heels due to strenuous tasks. But unfortunately, it won’t heal the cracks. That honor goes to Argan oil.

One more advantage to chew over is coconut oil’s instant availability and supply. Not to mention that you can easily find coconut fruits on the market and then make an oil out of it right away. It is way easier to make than Argan oil, where Morroco has to organize a cooperative that specialize in producing the oil.

Overall conclusion

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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As a conclusion, both oils are extremely useful to its users. They actually fare well against each other. When used for a long or short time, both of them will produce a noticeable result on your hair and skin. The only drawback you can put on coconut oil is its greasiness characteristic and that it needs frequent shampoos in order to get rid of. But if you are able to adapt to coconut oil’s sliminess feeling, then this oil is for you.

There is also an option to use both oils on your hair and skin. Argan oil is for your daily treatment or when you need an instant beautifier while you’re on the go. It absorbs readily into your skin and hair’s pores producing results almost immediately. It won’t leave oil residues just like coconut oil so you are saved from the greasy feeling. While coconut oil is for your periodic hair and skin treatment. It can be used for your monthly treatment or whenever you think that you need an in-deep therapy.

If you will actually spend time on weighing the pros and cons of both Argan oil and coconut oil. You will probably realize that coconut oil is a good alternative to Argan oil if you’re tight on budget.

Perhaps it is, it offers the same benefits with Argan oil and is a lot easier to acquire. Coconut trees are abundant in nature and excessive harvesting may not be as ecologically harmful as excessive harvesting of Argan trees. In the end, it is still your choice that matters. You will decide which oil serves your hair and skin well because different skin types tend to respond differently.

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