Argan Oil vs Olive Oil For Hair, Skin And Face


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Looking for the best oil for your hair and skin? Weighing if the golden oil will be a better choice over the time tested olive oil? Well, I know how you feel- searching for the amazing oil is not that easy.

It will highly depend on the user’s satisfactions, qualifications, and needs. When it’s too hard to decide, difficult enough to give you mental depressions, you have found the right article to help you out doing your balancing moments.

What are we waiting for? Let’s weigh these two famous oils and let’s find out which one is worth your dollar, time, and effort.

 Argan Oil 


Starting off with the famously called “golden oil” who can make a sudden gold rush to a stunning beauty. Now, what’s in it that makes it so tremendously shaking in the beauty world. First off, it is loaded with the essential Vitamins A, E, and omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

Quite impressive right? It has gained a special position as a beauty oil, while some countries use it as their partner for their daily diet.

It’s an oil that is rated to be rare due to small areas where its tree source can be grown. As you can detect the irony- where in fact of its small source, its benefits are outsourcing, extending, and bounty as it may cure every dry and oily skin.

According to many, Argan oil is absolutely amazing for hair and skin. Well, in fact, Argan oil is not greasy, adaptive to skin, light, and skin protective. It really works with time and the effect is like magic. It reduces blemishes, stretch marks, and acne scars.

Wonderful and wowing as it could ever be. Argan oil has helped many famous faces to look at their finest. If ever you want “a second look”, this oil can help you in just a few drops. But before rushing to the beauty store, wait until you read about the “folk’s favorite oil” – the olive oil.

 Olive Oil 


Some might find Olive Oil an old fashion idea for beauty. But did you know that it’s one of the old time favorite oil of many? Even your oldest great grandma knows how Olive Oil have helped her get your great grandpa fall in love with her in a single hair sway and that ole’ killer smile.

It’s an overtime excellent moisturizer for skin and face and is relatively used for everyday cooking in the US. It’s a first-class partner for diet and beauty as they say. Olive Oil can penetrate your hair better compared to other oils out there.

Its contents include anti-inflammatory properties which actively promotes your scalp health- restoring it back to its natural transformation with no dandruff at all. Fine looking hair you’ll have with the Olive Oil’s properties.

It works out to every skin types, even the most sensitive skin and hair. Some people even trust Olive Oil as their everyday routine, “skin cleanser”.

When after reading- you feel like buying Olive oil or the Argan oil perhaps. Wait until you know more about what Argan oil can do for your hair and what can the Olive Oil can do to your hair.

 Argan Oil For Hair 


Bath hair Conditioner:  Argan oil is a great product for your every after bath leave-on conditioner. Leaving your hair looking shiny, hydrated, and moisturized. You are bound to use it while your hair is still wet, applying few drops will result in a well-groomed hair- totally stunning, firm, and beautiful.

Safe Hair Styling Product: As you take the final touch for your hair- which is your everyday hair styling. This oil is rich in properties that can protect your hair from the heat which your iron or blow dryer can deliver. It deliberately protects you from the damages, leaving your hair looking lushly healthy and brightly attractive.

Hair Treatment: The golden oil is capable of giving you positive and impressive hair results when it comes to hair treatment. A careful massage on your scalp with this beauty oil can restore the natural health, glow, and brightness of your hair.

Treatment Oil for Dry Scalp: Having dry scalp is a huge omen of having a dandruff problem in the future. Argan oil solves dry scalp too. It is capable of giving essential nourishment to your dry scalp needs to come back to its natural health. Leave a few drops of this oil on your scalp overnight to do the dry scalp treatment.

Promotes Hair Growth: Ever heard of healthy hair re-growth and cell regeneration? Argan Oil is scientifically proven to do these tasks, growing your hair as healthy and attractive as you’ve wished for.

 Olive Oil For Hair 

Olive Oil as a Conditioner: The old-timey fave oil is an effective conditioning product that can make your hair look moisturized and attractive throughout the day. For best results, wrap your hair with a shower cap and let the Olive Oil soak in for 15 minutes and more. Use it less often for best results.

Olive Oil for Thick Hair: This oil can help you out to keep your hair amazingly moistened and firm all day long. Your hair looks stunning as a well-shaped lady as this oil works to weigh your hair down. It’s a good management hair assistant ready to go with you at work, school, and in any event.

Olive Oil for Split Ends: Adventurous hair travel with this oil helps straighten and smoothen out your broken and burned hair tips. As you go to your daily events, people will find your hair amazingly treated from the top all the way to its tips.


Olive Oil for Dandruff Treatment: Having too many flakes can be absolutely annoying sometimes. Olive Oil can help you out to solve your “flake number”. Leaving your hair extra conditioned and well-hydrated. With a careful massage, it works to reduce the number of your flakes.

Olive Oil as Lice Remover: What’s more irritating than an itchy scalp? Making you look like numbing in a test in front of your peers. Olive Oil can be applied before you comb out the lice out of your scalp.

 Argan Oil For Skin 

Anti-Aging: Argan Oil works with its multiple vitamins that reduce your wrinkles visibility, helping you out to restore a youthful skin. It makes your skin a high definition base with softer, smoother, and healthier look.


Skin Moisturizer: Ever heard of Argan Oil being an all-in-one beauty product? Well, this golden oil has fatty acid content that promotes natural skin boost by moisturizing your skin. Leaving it hydrated and smoother all day.

Dry Skin Conditions: Thinking dry skin is the toughest problem you’ve ever encountered? Argan Oil might be the knight in shining armor you’ll meet in the beauty boutique since it provides nutrients that further cures skin dryness and irritation. It soothes the skin, leaving it in excellent and natural condition.

Acne: Oily skin often produces the toughest acne we ever had in our lives. As they leave scars, this oil can help you out reducing the scars’ visibility. Due to its antioxidants, that helps in healing damaged skin cells back to its normal skin restoration.

Argan Oil helps to balance your oily skin, reducing acne occurrence.

Protection and Healing: Having an irritated, cracked, damaged, dried, or even burned skin could affect our daily self-esteem. Argan Oil works well in healing and restoring your skin problems, and protecting it from getting damaged again. Its properties workout to reduce inflammation and increase the rate of healing.

In any skin state, Argan oil helps your healing process faster and smarter.

 Olive Oil For Skin 

Antioxidant Protection: Olive Oil contains Hydroxytyrosol which is a compound that prevents free radical damage to your skin. Giving your skin an ultimate protection from premature skin aging and harmful UV lights.

Other contents of this oil are vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols which are essential antioxidant for your skin.

Deeply Penetrates Your Skin: The organic Olive Oil penetrates your skin without clogging your pores. It serves your skin a cleansing and refreshing effect when applied. It is capable of rooting in your skin deeply to provide you a regular skin moisturizer.

Healthy Exfoliation: With a dry skin, we couldn’t really enjoy our day. But with a certain help of Olive Oil, it works as a healthy exfoliation partner which helps in eliminating dead cells. Which literally leaves you a renewed and glowing attractive skin.

All-rounder Beauty Booster: Why is it an all-rounder? Well, you can use it as an eye makeup remover, cuticle care, shaving partner, and an ingredient for a facial mask. It gives you a quality duty that works a miracle from your very hair tips down to your smoothen well-polished nail.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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After weighing the endless benefits of these two amazing oils might have been the toughest job for you to do. To make things easier, focus on your needs. Are you looking for a healthy partner for diet? Olive Oil might be a better choice. But if you are looking for a total beauty maker- Argan Oil might work better for you. These are all suggestions. Let your mind speak for its needs.

Are you done balancing? Then, you may head out to your fave Beauty Boutique and purchase the beauty oil which can bring out the best look out of you.

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