The Complete Guide To Use Argan Oil For Your Skin


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As you have heard, true to its organic nature, the Argan oil- is an amazing self-care product with multiple use and benefits. It is currently making a lot of fuss in the beauty industry because of its world-class capacity to beautify. Excellent in every way that it can adapt to any skin type and protects your skin from irritation at the same time.

It is recognized for it “works like magic” feature to the ladies, and “works like a genie” to men. It had truly served its users with a perfect satisfaction. While Argan oil can do magic on hair- making it silky, smooth, and shiny. It can also run wonders on your skin.

“We all have flaws.” We all have heard this every day. Imperfections are everywhere but never should be present on your skin. Who wouldn’t want a spotless, smooth, flawless, and healthy skin? Exactly, nobody! So allow Argan oil to help you each step you take to become a top-notch beauty.

A beauty that causes people to stare at you. Once this happens, be careful walking down the street. You might cause an accident. Argan oil is truly amazing, it speaks for itself just within a few days of application.

At this moment, you probably be stirred up thinking about the golden oil. You might probably get excited to purchase this oil or you just have. Before applying it on your skin, you must read this complete guide, so Argan oil can serve you efficiently. And don’t forget to take note of the following important guide, you’ll just about to read.

Are you ready to look younger outside and healthy inside? Then, let’s head out!

 1. Anti-Aging 


You are perfectly informed that this oil is rich in anti-oxidants which reduce the visibility of wrinkles on your facial skin. Making you look like a sweet teenager on your late adulthood stage. Giving you the confidence to sit around with young girls and men while looking like you’re exactly one of them.

The anti-oxidants work all the way to penetrate your skin deeply making your skin smoother and softer. To boost out this golden oil’s feature, extract a few drops from the bottle. Massage it gently on your face all the way down on your neck before you hit the hay. Allow for an overnight absorption for maximized results.

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 2. Skin Moisturizer 

The Argan oil will surely leave your skin light, radiant, and soft. To maximize its benefit as a skin moisturizer. Extract one drops from the bottle. Gently tap your face and slowly move your fingers in a circular motion covering all your facial areas. Make sure you’ll continue applying all the way down on your neck to balance the application.

If you live in a tropical area, extract two drops from the bottle and follow the same motion and tapping. Be careful not to tap your face with force, use your lightest strength. For beginners, you better use it at nighttime before you sleep.

So maintain a moisturized skin with this golden oil- a skin that has no sign of wrinkles and well skin-toned. A total partner for every day walk.

 3. Controlling Oily Skin 

Argan oil can reduce breakouts on your skin due to overproduction of oil. It can help so that your facial skin will produce the right and balance oil production without excess. There’s no better way of ending your day and still looking fresh, lucent, and fashionable. Well, with Argan oil you have every skin luck on your side.

To finally take control of having an oily skin is by taking a few drops of the golden oil. Carefully massage it all over your face just like as you did when you use it as a skin moisturizer. If you’re new to it use it at nighttime. Do it regularly, as few days go by- you will notice your face begins to produce less oil.

Note that when you dry your oily skin, the more it produces oils out of your pores. The best way is to balance it with something organic like the Argan oil.

 4. Controlling Dry Skin 

Having dry skin is a bad way to start your day. The golden oil can help you with that, you are probably by now that Argan oil contains fatty acids- omega 6 and 9. These essential fats can help in re-balancing the lipid area in the skin. Producing a natural and smooth facial and body skin.

Take note that you only need to apply few drops. Never apply too much since it may irritate your skin. We don’t want to shock your skin in a sudden, use the golden oil moderately and regularly.

 5. Dark Skin on Forehead Sides 

Ever experienced having an imbalanced texture and color of your facial skin? You probably have experienced darker skin on the sides of your forehead. It’s not that big deal anyway unless you’re a selfie kings and queens. Well, take it from the beauty by earth- Argan oil. Take one drop, scatter the oil using your fingers, and apply it gently on the dark sides.

In just a few days, the change will be surely noticeable.

 6. Acne Scars 


Are you a teen? Acne- a skin condition that threatens the facial feature of teens. If you have a problem with pimples, the golden oil can surely help you out. Argan oil has high linoleic acid content which decreases the inflammation rate produced which may result in having acne.

To use, extract one drop and apply gently on the affected areas. Do it regularly. If ever you have stubborn and persistent whiteheads, consider using tea tree oil as well. When the aforementioned oil is combined with Argan oil, the content of anti-oxidants increase. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral are huge pluses of this mixture. It can surely help your risk of having acne scars.

 7. Stretch Marks 


Belly marks are usually caused by pregnancy and sudden increase of weight. The golden oil can prevent and can cure your belly marks.

A) Prevention

The elasticity of skin can be improved with 2-3 drops of pure Argan oil. After extracting the oil from the bottle, blend them on your palm, and gently tap your stomach, thighs, hips, neck, and other areas.

The fact that Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E will deeply penetrate your skin resulting it to moisten, which prevents stretch marks to appear.

B) Cure

If you already have stretch marks, that is not a problem with Argan oil. Mix a few drops of Argan oil and brown sugar, then apply gently on the affected areas before you take a bath. Make sure you rinse it well and apply one drop of the golden oil before dressing where your stretch marks are positioned

 8. Wounds 

Our skin is very fragile, especially our facial skin. That’s why you always need to protect and nourish your skin with the essential vitamins it needs. When we got little bumps, scrapes, and cuts from daily working. The golden oil can fasten the healing process by many times.

This golden oil has a high content of Vitamin E and many anti-inflammatory properties which fasten the scrapes, cuts, and bumps disappearance.

Take one drop and apply it gently on the affected areas. Do it regularly, and you will see the change within a few days. Note to look for a 100% natural organic Argan oil to treat your skin.

 9. Razor burn 


When men are in rush hour when shaving, they are open to having razor bump or burn. Walking around in your office, with a scratch on your face might make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

To treat your razor bump, take a drop or two of the golden oil on your palm and massage it gently on the affected area. Use it moderately and regularly.

 10. Chapped Lips 


Having chapped lips is uncomfortable sometimes. It can make us look dehydrated, unnourished, and unhealthy. With all these bad side effects a damage lip skin can cause, you probably have experienced using all lip balm possible and yet haven’t found any result.

Feel less worry for the golden oil will save and make your day. Leaving those chapped lips kissable, healthy, and attractive in every way. Though, Argan oil makes a lot of wonders for the body and facial skin. It can also work as a lip skin treatment.

How? Extract one or two drops from the bottle and gently tap it on your lip skin. Use a slight force and never over do the “tapping” part. Use it regularly to prevent cracked lips from messing up your days again.

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Now that you have read your ultimate roadmap to skin beauty. You might consider saving up for one bottle. If you already have one, then go ahead, open it up, and make sure you follow all the guidelines in using it.

You’ll surely find yourself wanting for more with the numerous benefits of this oil. Be astound by the amazing and excellent wonders it can run on your skin within a few days. If you have decided to have a room for Argan oil in your cabinet, then prepare for an astounding and fabulous result. For surely, it will not fail you.

Go get the skin you want. Clearly spotless, healthy, flawless, and smooth- with the touching grace of the natural organic Argan oil.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking for this and we finally have it! – View The Top 5 Argan Oil Products of 2016.

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